Skeleton Crew

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Yesterday morning our modern worship service looked a little different from the pews as your looked at the stage. Where there are normally twelve people leading worship, we instead had only five.

With no bassist, drummer, percussionist, or electric guitarist standing in his or her usual place, it looked a bit empty to the regular church attendee. It sounded a bit different as well. But with Mother’s Day being a holiday for visits to … well, the mothers, last minute travel plans changed everyone’s normal schedule.

In spite of these abnormalities, I would bet that it sounded equally sweet to God’s ears. He doesn’t like our worship because of the band and our talents. He likes our worship because it is our worship. He is present because we are His children, and we are here to express our love to Him.

We can worship in a group of any size, whether it is 5 or 50 or 500 or 5000. He just wants us to love Him and each other, and that is not dependent of whether or not specific worship patterns are in attendance or not. My ability to love God isn’t dependent on a full stage in a worship service.

I challenge you to appreciate the quiet times a worship service can offer you. Learn to listen to God in those quiet times, and learn to make the awkward into the awesome.

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