Sunrise Service

Youth Blog

Every year our students put on our church’s Easter Sunrise Service. Typically, I end up doing quite a bit of the service myself. I find myself leading worship, directing the service, and often having to give the sermon. When I am responsible for that much of the service, it makes me feel like it’s lessening the “student-led” aspect of the Sunrise Service.

This year, however, the students stepped up to my challenge. A student gave our sermon. All announcements, prayers, and the call to worship were student led. Our praise team consisted only of students. And they did a fantastic job.

I still need to take care of all of the behind-the-scenes stuff leading up to the service, but once 6:30am came around, I found myself sitting on the pew in the back row of the sanctuary. Everyone was where he or she needed to be, doing what he or she needed to do.

Our kids are so gifted. Not just in their ability to sing or play music or speak publicly, but also in their ability to lead, whether it is their peers or adults. They made my Easter special, knowing that I didn’t have to worry about anything. But I think it was even more special being given the option to just spend this holy holiday in worship.

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