No Resurrection Without the Cross


In some of my reading recently I ran across the statement that many in the New Age movement like to have the love of Christianity, the joy of Christianity, even the hope and magic of Christianity, but they want nothing to do with the cross. We would not be Christians if it were not for the cross on which Jesus was crucified. The pain and suffering of Jesus took place for our salvation. And I am tired of the current political correctness that keeps the focus on only “love your neighbor as yourself” without considering the part of our faith that calls on us to go and sin no more.

Our world is filled with sin, and we will continue in sinful living (a broken relationship with God) as long as we are human. We do things that we wish we wouldn’t, and we don’t do some of the things we wish that we could. That is who we are. Professing Christians should have the right to follow their consciences when it comes to negotiations of faith.

My father, growing up as a Mennonite, was a conscientious objector to war. He served our country in the alternative service as a volunteer janitor at the Veteran’s Hospital in Des Moines. He served our country in an alternative way, and he held up his Biblical beliefs. I find it extremely frustrating to hear from people how everyone who refuses to do this or that because of religious reasons is intolerant. Again, I believe in the Holy Scriptures, all of them. I know that the new covenant replaces the old. I have a problem with my own struggles and sins, and know that we all fall short of the glory of God. This does not mean that we go on sinning so that God’s mercy can be greater. We must allow the Christ to fill our hearts and our minds.

This is not about homosexuality, or slavery, or skin color, or gender, or etc… It is all about living our lives as closely to the cross of Christ as we can. To pick up our cross and follow Him, for His yoke is easy and His burden is light. We still have a yoke. We still have a burden. It is a matter of giving our hearts fully to the one who was crucified for our sake. I believe in Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior. He calls me, and all His followers, to Love, but to be conscious that we sin no more. So please, as I fail, remember we all fail. When I am loving, accept it as a gift from God.

I have a true love, joy, and hope that all come from my belief in Jesus who died, and on the third day rose again and ascended into heaven. He is the one I will answer to one day, as will each of us. If you truly believe, then you will be with us in paradise.

Just thinking too hard.

Pastor Kevin

About Pastor Kevin

Pastor Kevin has been a minister with the United Methodist Church since 1987. He has just come on staff with the Sheldon United Methodist Church this past July. He and his wife, Sue, have five children and one beautiful grandson, Matthew.

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