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Rodeo Round-Up

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Time to saddle up and git yerself ready for a Rodeo! That’s right folks, we’re gittin’ y’all rounded up and kickin’ off our Sunday school year! Rodeo fun begins at 9:45am in the sanctuary. Be sure an git yer voices warmed up for a time of singin’ and celebratin’! Continue reading Rodeo Round-Up

Time Flies

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Well, here came the new school year! Off to a great start so far, and still it is so difficult to think “summer” is over. It’s such a cliché to say “time flies,” but in all reality, it truly does! Our oldest is a senior, middle child is a freshman, and youngest is in 3rd grade! All I can say is (just like every other parent before me, with me and after me), “Where did the time go?” Continue reading Time Flies