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The Process Continues


For almost two years we have been learning and preparing for the Healthy Church Initiative. We’ve devoted time and energy and resources into this process, and we’re getting close to the actual consultation. Continue reading The Process Continues


Rodeo Round-Up

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Time to saddle up and git yerself ready for a Rodeo! That’s right folks, we’re gittin’ y’all rounded up and kickin’ off our Sunday school year! Rodeo fun begins at 9:45am in the sanctuary. Be sure an git yer voices warmed up for a time of singin’ and celebratin’! Continue reading Rodeo Round-Up

Time Flies

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Well, here came the new school year! Off to a great start so far, and still it is so difficult to think “summer” is over. It’s such a cliché to say “time flies,” but in all reality, it truly does! Our oldest is a senior, middle child is a freshman, and youngest is in 3rd grade! All I can say is (just like every other parent before me, with me and after me), “Where did the time go?” Continue reading Time Flies