Monthly Archives: April 2014

Hate Free Zone


With all the scuttlebutt about NBA owners and high profile ranchers using racist language and stirring up an atmosphere of hate once again, I would like to take time to encourage us as Christians to try and institute “hate free zones” in our sanctuary and in our homes. Continue reading Hate Free Zone

Empowerment of the People


In a conversation with someone this past week, we were discussing some of the reasons churches die and eventually close. He was reading an article written by a female pastor within the Reformed Church of America who had both experienced and watched church dwindling and death. As he read the list of her “Top Seven,” we discussed the implication of each within the church.  Continue reading Empowerment of the People

Do You Believe in Easter?


A few years ago I ran across a story about a lady named Edith Burns who was a woman filled with love and compassion.  She was famous for her interaction with patients in the hospital.  She would open her conversations with people something like this, “Hi, I am Edith, what do you believe about Easter?”  When they would respond about eggs and bunnies and butterflies, she would courageously go on with the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus.  It allowed her to share her faith testimony in a special way.  It was not as intrusive or offsetting as asking if they believed in Jesus.

Continue reading Do You Believe in Easter?