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Active in Ministry


An interesting question was posed to me yesterday morning while I was at a meeting with several other area youth pastors. We were discussing some fairly controversial subjects, especially when it comes to the church’s view on the matters.  Continue reading Active in Ministry

Spring Cleaning

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Rain! I love the smell of rain! Spring is here (yes, there is still snow in the forecast here and there…ugh)! But it is officially SPRING! It’s time for cleaning up, cleaning out, cleaning around, organizing, rearranging. There are some little nooks and crannies and a few closets here at the church that I’ve been wanting to dig into and see what all supplies we have on hand, what needs replacing, etc. It’s something I’ve been thinking about ever since Christmas was over, yet I have not gotten around to it … yet! And with VBS just around the bend, I feel more and more inspired to tackle this project.

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