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Halloween Fun

Kid Blog1

Today is Halloween!  A day when children (and maybe some adults) have the opportunity to dress up as something we are not, and go from door to door receiving sweet treats; sometimes at the cost of a trick.  An exciting time of make-believe, choosing a costume, Continue reading Halloween Fun

Truths From The Lion King

Youth Blog

Last week Wednesday we had planned to go to the corn maze for Youth Group.  As you may remember from a previous post, we needed to be flexible and reschedule due to the weather.  Again, Mother Nature had other plans, and we had to scrap the whole night’s activities. Continue reading Truths From The Lion King

The Lifecycle of the Church Part 1


One of our Healthy Church Initiative classes spent time discussing the lifecycle of the church.  For all churches there are six general steps: 1) birth, 2) growth, 3) maturity, 4) maintenance, 5) decline, and 6) death.  All churches fall somewhere in this lifecycle, but not all churches go from start to finish. Continue reading The Lifecycle of the Church Part 1